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We have Hatha Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Meditation, Pilates and Yoga for children.

Price list:

Paying month by month:

  • One class a week:32 euros

  • Two classes a week:44 euro

If you sign up for the entire course:

  • One class a week:29 euros

  • Two classes a week:41 euros

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hatha yoga

It is one of the most popular and widespread styles of yoga.  Hatha yoga is a type suitable for everyone, even more so if you practice yoga for beginners, since it does not require much knowledge or previous experience.


The basic yoga poses can help reduce and manage stress – while also reaping the physical benefits of the yoga tradition.


It is a training for the mind that dates back thousands of years. and makes it clear that a regular meditation practice can change our lives.

We are all capable of concentrating, paying attention to our breathing, or visualizing a specific problem without getting involved in it. Although it may be thought that the object of meditation is to reach a point of concentration such that nothing can distract it, it is important to be aware that the mind has been distracted before.

Puente de Yoga Aéreo

aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga is a relatively recent modality of yoga practiced in a swing or hammock. Its main objectives are:

  1. the strength of the body

  2. rejuvenation

  3. Redefinition and muscle tone

  4. The digestive, cardiac and respiratory improvement and

  5. Deep relaxation effectively combating stress and anxiety.

Breath control is a fundamental element in the practice of aerial yoga to generate concentration and nourish the body, favoring metabolic functions.

Yoga aéreo


The benefits of Pilates are quite extensive. That is precisely what has made Pilates has been practiced for decades.


There are many benefits of Pilates that you should know about:

  • Favoring the development of metabolism

  • Control of breathing and blood circulation

  • Improved bone density

  • Tones the muscles

Bola de la estabilidad y de la banda de estiramiento
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